Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cars, Cricket, Beer, and Girls

The last few days have been pretty hectic, so I figured I might as well blog while I have something interesting to talk about.

I've committed myself to going to a track day on Feb 21st out at Queensland Raceway, so Saturday morning I dropped in at Fulcrum to see about some suspension upgrades/tweaks. When I went there I had in mind Whiteline's Handling Pack, which gives adjustability for camber, castor, and I believe toe, as well as adjustable sway bars. It can be had for under $1k fitted and sounded like a pretty decent upgrade for that price. In the end, however, I walked out with two quotes: one for Tein coilovers (yum!) for $2500 (!!!), and another for essentially a beefed up version of the Whiteline kit for $1800 fitted (!!). While I was there I had a good long chat with the guys, and they even chucked my car on the hoist and checked out the alignment, all without charging me a cent. Turns out that not only is my castor and toe all over the shop, which explains the pull-to-left that's been annoying me of late, but my rear camber is at a pretty crazy angle - it'd only be good for drifting and chewing through tyres faster. So I'm going to have to get at least some of the work done in order to correct those issues. :/

Then on Sunday I finally had a crack at installing the Whiteline pineapple rings I bought before I went to the States. After about an hour of working out how best to jack up and support the car - including a 20-minute impromptu jack-repair lesson when the damn thing broke on me - I finally got underneath to undo the first bolt. No go. It wouldn't budge, and I only succeeded in all but destroying my 17mm socket bit. :/

So I gave up and decided to replace the fuel filter, which I'd been meaning to do for about 4 months now. Thankfully it went about as good as a fuel filter replacement can go, with me only spilling a relatively small amount of fuel on both me and the car. At least I had one success for the day. :)

Last night I went to the Twenty20 match at the Gabba, where Australia slaughtered South Africa.

That's the view we had, which I took just as one of the South Africans got out. That's the guy in front of me giving the Billy Bowden-style dismissal. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and the predicted storms never arrived, and I got home only a little tipsy at around 10:30 or so.

So after a short night's sleep, work was a bit of a struggle today, which was followed by a night out tonight (which I may discuss at a later date).

So now it's 10:50pm, I'm back at work, and my next train is in 15 minutes. Time to pack up and head home for a few short hours sleep before another long day tomorrow!

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