Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't bother talking to me

Like perhaps a third of all commuters, I listen to music on the train. I have my ipod nano in my pocket, and use my old sony earphones - partly because they're black and stealthy compared to the ipod's white earphones, but mostly because they're comfy. I don't know if it's that the black headphones are hard to see, or whether I just have a friendly face, but I often have random people talk to me.

This is more frustrating than it sounds, because I'm too nice to just ignore them totally. So I have to remove one earphone and/or pause the music I was listening, then excuse myself in asking them to repeat themselves. I'm not even sure why I excuse myself when they were the ones who interrupted me.


Billy said...

Man, the same thing happens to me and Vik... we'll be walking along on a crowded footpath, and people will come over and pick us out from the crowd to ask us questions! I've had a couple of times in the lift where people from different levels have just started talking, even though I've got the white ipod headphones in... same as you, take em out and say "sorry, what was that?"... I guess it's better than nobody talking to anybody else :) (although train ppl scare me.. hehe..)

reanon said...

ZOMG SAME THING HAPPENS TO ME! i hate it, i like to wait for the bus/sit on the bus and just bop along to my music. why do people still insist on talking? or in the lift... i've still got them in, but they turn and saying something which of course i can't hear. argh, just leave me alone. travelling to and from work are my only alone times and i like them