Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hitting the track

Yesterday I went out to Queensland Raceway with a few friends for a track day. It was a LOT of fun, getting to drive our cars without holding back - I was getting up to 180km/h on one of the straights :D

There's a couple of pics of my car in action here, here, and here.

I had an in-car camera the whole time and got a good view of when I was racing a friend in his skyline until he spun, at which point I went on to set my
fastest lap.

I had my own share of hairy moments, but most of my in-car video was fairly boring to watch.

All up it was a great day, tho I got very sunburnt :( The car handled it all really well, especially given how hot it was (38C air temp, and up to 45C track temp). Lots of people, including most of my friends, were having to watch their temps and often back off or finish early.

I'm really keen to do this again in the future, but the front left tyre took a massive amount of punishment, so I'll have to check to see how much more worn it is than the right to work out if it can take another track session or whether I'd need new tyres before then. :/

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