Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today's forecast is for "blah" followed by periods of "meh"

I've been meaning to write something here for at least a week now, but for some reason I've been feeling very "blah" lately.

Last week started off with a very long day at work on Monday - I got home at about midnight, only to do a little more work before calling it a night. I got to work at about 10:30 the next day but only made it till about 4:30 because I was too tired to think. Wednesday I wasn't so exhausted, but I was very achy (sinus, eyes, neck, back, plus various other joints), my stomach was churning a little, and I could feel a headache coming on, so I came home at about 2pm. My plans to celebrate our nation's birthday in true Aussie fashion (beer aplenty!) were looking more bleak by the hour.

The next morning (and a few panadols later) I got the details for the BBQ at Alezia's place off Rhiannon and decided I might at least put in an appearance. Spending the day poolside sounded better than alone in my unit. I managed to last out the day, though I wasn't exactly cheery, and was glad to get home to a few more panadols at the end of the day.

Friday morning I showered, got dressed for work, decided I didn't even feel up to walking to the train station, and called in sick. I made an appointment with the doctor later that day, but it was mostly uneventful - he thought it may just be the first signs of an old chest infection returning and gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case it gets worse. Either that or it could be chicken pox (thanks Sia! :P)

Saturday I finally felt marginally "normal" enough to try out the changes to my car - it had been at Fulcrum Suspension earlier in the week and having been unwell I'd barely driven it since. I drove across Mt Cootha, and then on out to Mt Nebo, though I turned back part way up the mountain. The car handles really nice now and takes on most corners with barely any fuss, which is a relief considering how much I spent on it :S

By Sunday arvo I felt well enough again to play netball. Well, two games in fact. The first game was against a really sloppy team. They were sloppy in that they kept bumping into us and giving away a lot of penalties. The worst of them had to have been their gargantuan GA/GS (he switched at half time). He was obviously a basketballer and was not afraid to barge his way under the net, a tactic that more often than not finished with the ball in his possession and me on the ground. Towards the end of the game I got rather frustrated at the fact he was getting away with it and I got a warning from the ref. I think this brought him to her attention, because she started penalising him after that. He still barged in, but thankfully it resulted in me getting possession (and, during one contact, biting my own tongue when he hit me in the chin :( ) In the end we won by a couple of points so my pain was (sort of) worth it.

The second game was a lot cleaner, other than a couple of accidental collisions between players and our GS catching a finger on the net and dislocating it :/ We managed to find a replacement for him and went on to win that game as well.

After my encounter with the not-so-gentle giant, I was sore for most of Monday and Tuesday, with everything aching. I mean EVERYTHING ached - I even had aches in places I didn't realise I had!

I could finally walk with little to no pain yesterday, and today my tongue seems to be all but recovered - I'd almost taken a chunk out of the side of it, and my teeth kept bumping it when I talked, ate, drank, swallowed, etc, etc, etc. Other than my right knee starting to ache a little just before I sat down to write this, which is fairly normal (old netball injury), I'm all but recovered.

And yet I still feel rather "blah".

I don't even feel like having a few beers come 5pm tomorrow!

I really don't know what's up. It's like something's missing, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is. I don't even know if it's physical or emotional.

Oh well, one thing I know I need right this minute is sleep.

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