Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back on track

July 4 might be Independence Day in the US, but for me it was another Track Day at Queensland Raceway.

Again it was a lot of fun and the car went really well. I took 3 seconds off my previous best time thanks to a combination of better front tyres and more experience.

One of the first-timers in our group put his 180sx into a tyre barrier, which put a dampener on the day. Luckily it's all cosmetic damage so the repair bill isn't too high. He's already talking about going out again next time!

I had a few minor excursions off the black stuff myself:

Kicking up some dirt leaving turn 6

All the photos are at, plus I made a compilation video of my "brown moments", which I seemed to have a lot of:

Most of them don't look like too much, but any amount of sideways movement at upwards of 100km/h makes you wish you wore brown pants ;P

Next track day isn't till Sept 12, but at the moment I'm planning on playing a strictly media role out there. Ultimately I'd like to get enough video to make a 45-60min docco-style DVD, as well as get some good photos of every car out on track. Not sure yet how I'll film and take photos at the same time, but I have 2 months to work out the logistics of it. If I can pull it off I may think about selling some of the results.

My next visit to QR will be in a little over 2 weeks time when I go to watch the V8 Supercars. That should be fun :D

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