Monday, September 18, 2006

sleep is optional

Been a while since I've posted anything here, so it's about time I said something.

I've been flat out for a couple of weeks now, and it's really starting to catch up to me.

My car in various stages of dismantling

First up was an impromptu front mount intercooler install on my car. I was too busy to be able to do it on weekends, so I did it all over 3 weeknights, getting about 12 hours sleep over those 3 nights. But I got there in the end with help from a handfull of mates, and none of my neighbours made any complaints about the ear-piercing sounds of tortured metal emmanating from my garage at 10pm.

Twin f-111 dump and burns

That Saturday night was Riverfire, so Emily and I went and watched that from the top of the Toowong Towers car park. Of course, I took heaps of photos, and there's even some video that I've yet to rip from the camera.

Over the last month or two I've been setting up a business so I can sell prints of my car photos online. I spent about a week or so setting up a website for it and putting some of my past photos on there so it wasn't so empty. Check it out at

Then last Tuesday I went out to another Time Attack track day at Queensland Raceway, but this time as the "official photographer". I spent most of the day before preparing for the event, and then the entire day Tuesday wandering the track taking photos of every car. It was actually quite fun, tho extremely exhausting as I think I walked the equivalent of twice around the track, spent 90% of the day on my feet, and had to jump several fences. I think the photos made it all worth it tho, and I've already had a few people interested in ordering prints.

As we were leaving the track at the end of the day a friends' car lost a wheel completely. This is a scary enough event, but it sent a chill down your spine to think what could have happened had it come off while he was on the track. We spent an hour or so trying to work out how to get a jack under the car (myself and one of the other guys ended up lifting it ourselves) before assessing the damage to see if the car was driveable. It was, but the tyre had suffered a severe gash, so the decision was made to drive it to the nearest service station and sort out a spare. A suitable spare couldn't be found, and after 3 hours of waiting, it was finally towed home for the handsome price of $240 :/

Wednesday was dedicated entirely to sifting through the thousand photos from Tuesday looking for the best ones, and then preparing and uploading them to the site. It was around 2:30 am when I finally got the selected 181 photos on the site.

Then after a very bleary-eyed workday on Thursday, I packed for a weekend in Cairns and Port Douglas with Emily.

Heading up the Kuranda Skyrail


I left home at 5am for a 7:30 flight. I was on the ground in Cairns at 10am, after an aborted first approach thanks to a brief downpour of rain just as we came in to land. 30 minutes later we were on the Skyrail heading up to Kuranda. After a relaxing lunch, we checked out Birdworld and the Butterfly Sanctuary, which were both much better than we'd expected. We then headed back to Cairns via the Kuranda Scenic Railway before driving on through to Port Douglas.

Looking from the heritage walk to the beach on Low Isle

Saturday was a full day trip out to Low Isles on the Sailaway III. The trip was a bit rough, but doing it by sailboat was definitely worth it. The island was so picturesque and there were so many turtles there that it was sad to have to head back. The trip back was even more rough than the trip over, but I think everyone made it back with their lunch still intact.

Rex Lookout on the Captain Cook Highway

Sunday I finally got to sleep in a little bit before a late checkout and a casual drive back down the Cairns. After lunch in Cairns it was back to the airport for our flights home.

So it's now Monday morning, I'm tired, very sunburnt, and wishing I could have just had a few more hours sleep this morning :(

I think it has all been worth the lost sleep, though.

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