Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cold cold cold

It's been wicked cold here in Brisbane lately. Actually, it's not just here - I doubt there's many places in Australia that haven't broken some sort of record low in the last month or two. Even Darwin had its coldest day on record a few weeks back.

It's great - I find cold weather much easier to cope with than heat, especially our usual humid heat. So the last 6 months have been quite enjoyable: December & January were much cooler than usual - I think there was a record low set for December; February was as hot as normal; April was getting on the cold side; May in the US & Canada was below average for most of the month; now June and July have been among the coldest in the last 20-30 years. All up I've been spending lots of time in my big brown coat, along with my newly-acquired Boston Red Sox cap (in place of a beanie).

I didn't realise it's been so long since I posted here. With the trip in May this year seems to have flown by!

Em got me Lions season tickets for my birthday, so I've been seeing many games this year, and with their recent form swings it's been quite an experience. I think regardless of how they do this year we'll likely be renewing the tickets each year.

The photos have slowed down quite a lot lately as I'm trying to get into good financial habits so I can buy my own place within maybe the next year. In fact most things (other than the lions games) have slowed down so I'm not as tempted to spend money.

Plus I'm all out of annual leave at work. :(

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