Sunday, October 14, 2007

First day back at work

I went to work on Friday, catching the train as usual in the morning. That was about the toughest experience of my life - including all the fun runs I've done in the last 2 years, and climbing Mt Warning this time last year.

I'm only 400-500 metres from the train station, but there's a lot of steps, and about a quarter of it is uphill. I think in the end it took about 15 minutes, including a couple of rest stops along the way. Then the other end (thankfully only about a dozen steps, and mostly downhill) was tougher than I expected as well, and I had to stop for a rest at one point. During this rest I noticed that the boot looked rather different to what I expected - instead of the foot being pointed downwards a bit, it seemed to be pointed up a bit.

After getting to work (and heading straight to a couch in the lunch room) I inspected the locking mechanism on the boot again and came to the conclusion that it was set to limit the foot to 20 degrees of movement below and above the horizontal. I happened to have the doctor's referral in my wallet still, so after I deciphered terms like "plantarflexion" and "dorsiflexion" I confirmed that the settings weren't what he requested. I think I've got it right now. I can put more weight on it than before and the boot doesn't move much at all. I still can't do much more than balance on it, but that in itself makes the crutches much easier.

Getting a cab home after work was another endurance trial, as the nearest cab rank to my work had a fairly lengthy queue. So we stood in line for I don't know how long as I tried to take my mind off my foot, along with all the miscellaneous aches and pains that I had accumulated during the morning's trek to work.

Saturday was very uneventful as I rested up after Friday's ordeal. I had aches across most of my upper body. We had planned to go for a drive so Em could get familiar with my car, as we'd decided we'd drive to work for a few weeks until I got used to the crutches enough to attempt the train again. But I was too sore to want to even attempt the stairs at my unit, let alone go out somewhere. Plus, I had the sniffles a bit and wound up with aching sinuses, so after a painkiller (hehe, ruptured achilles I can handle, but a bit of sinus trouble and I run for the paracetamol) I went to bed for a short nap.

That short nap turned into several hours, and I woke up at about 6:30. That would have to be a record afternoon nap for me, especially without a severe lack of sleep beforehand. It really hit home then how much of a toll this has all been taking on me.

Today we went to lunch at the services club on the corner with one of Em's friends. That in itself was enough to leave me semi-exhausted, but after than we went to Em's nan's place for a bit, then had a quick stop at Woolies before going to watch the others play netball. So Em got a good bit of practice at driving my car, but it's left me wondering if I can face work tomorrow or not. I guess seeing as it's 10pm already I should be in bed by now if I want any chance of making it through the day.

I know it might sound a bit strange, but I do want to get back to work. I'm already getting quite sick of being stuck here in the unit. If we had teleporters and could just zap ourselves to where we want to go then it'd be an easy decision. Driving to work will make it much better, but I'll still have to deal with the stairs here and a bit of a walk at the other end. Plus little things like going to the toilet are a little easier here at home.

Meh, I guess I'll just see how I feel in the morning.

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