Sunday, October 21, 2007

Recovery, week 3

As the 3rd week of recovery begins I feel that things are going very well. The foot has been quite good the last few days, giving me very little grief at all. I'm getting used to the boot: getting around on it, sleeping with it, and showering with it. The crutches are still a little annoying, but I'm getting used to those as well. Having some more confidence in the boot (combined with how good the foot feels) has allowed me to put a bit of weight on the toe end of the boot as I use the crutches. Taking that bit of weight off the crutches is so good!

I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday last week. That went quite well. The commute to work is great - it's a little over 15 minutes drive, which is amazing given Brisbane's growing traffic problems. Getting from the carpark to work isn't too bad, though getting back at the end of the day is a little bit of a struggle. Sitting at the desk all day is fine. However, after the combined effort over the two days I was completely exhausted. Both Friday and Saturday mornings I had a good sleep in, and have basically been trying to rest up all weekend so I can try and get in 3 days work this week.

The plan for the next week is to try and work I think Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was going to aim for Friday instead - alternating a day at work with a day of rest - but Em has Radio Lollipop Day this weekend, so she'll be at Central Station super early Friday morning collecting donations. So to go to work I'd either have to go in then with her, or find some other way in. We also have a work function on Friday night, so I think if I go in Thursday instead then I can sleep in Friday to save up some energy for that night. Then Saturday morning is the go karting that I'd organised with friends. If only I could participate :(

So this week will be the most I've attempted since the injury just over 2 weeks ago. On one hand, I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks so far - it's seemed like forever already. But on the other hand, I'm already one third of the way to the first checkup, which seems to be approaching fast. I can't wait to get the official word on my progress - as I said, it's been feeling really good lately and I'm starting to see a faint speck of light at the end of what at first appeared to be an impossibly long and dark tunnel.

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