Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Verdict

The achilles is definitely separated. The good news is that at the right angle the two pieces still reach each other, so surgery isn't required.

So the plan is:

* 6 weeks in a special boot with the ankle locked at a 20 degree angle
* 3 weeks with the boot locked at 10 degrees
* 6 weeks at 0 degrees

During this time the boot will allow me to put my weight on it, and will allow the ankle to move slightly, but not past the minimum angle (ie, so the tendon won't extend more than the doctor wants to allow). Thankfully the boot goes a bit past mid-calf, so I will be able to bend my knee.

After the boot I believe I'll have a series of heel wedges or something to control the motion of the foot a bit still.

Total time will be about 6 months before it's healed.

I won't be able to drive for most of this.

I'll be on crutches for at least half of it.

But so long as I keep from stretching the tendon past where it's capable of going then all should be good. I will have scar tissue on the tendon, so it will be maybe twice as thick as the other and won't have quite as much power as it used to, but it should be almost as good as new.

We're going to pick up the boot tomorrow, so with any luck I might be up and about a bit more by the weekend. Still going to be an awkward 6 months ahead of me, but I'm relieved that the doctor is confident of recovery without surgery, especially when he described what can happen if the wound gets infected. :S

I'll post pics tomorrow of the boot.

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