Saturday, November 24, 2007

So much for getting around easier

The boot is broken.

After noticing a week ago that it was flexing quite considerably as I put my weight on it, I mentioned my concerns about it breaking during the checkup on Tuesday. He said he's never seen anyone break one of these boots. So I guess I'm lucky enough to be the first to do so.

It's not entirely broken as such, but it has a noticeable bend in the metal bar that runs up the left side of it. This bar (with the rotating mechanism about a quarter the way up it) is what supports my weight as I walk on it. This bend has been there for a few days, but last night I noticed it's gained a crack now as well. I figured this would only be a matter of time, cos you can't flex metal that often that much without having adverse affects.

Here's a shot of it:

So now it's Saturday morning and after a bit of ringing around we've discovered there's nowhere we can go to get this replaced. So I'm stuck till at least Monday struggling around on the crutches again. I can put weight on the boot fine, but only so long as it's flat on the floor. I'm not at all comfortable putting weight on the toes end of it any more. If I do so and it breaks completely then it would likely put all my weight on the achilles, which would be a bad bad thing.

In order to get our early bird parking on Monday we'll probably go to work early, but then leave a bit early and go throw this boot at them on the way home. The crack is only one of the problems I've had with it - the stitching on one of the straps came completely undone and after trying a safety pin I ended up literally stapling it together, and the velcro on the metal bar is starting to come unstuck and will eventually fall apart as well. At $240 I would have hoped it would last a bit longer than this, considering it's only lasted half as long as it's needed.

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