Friday, January 11, 2008

Not again.... :(

I was doing really well last week. I was walking without the boot, although I was still using one crutch most of the time and strapping the ankle just for a bit of extra support. I was resuming my life. I even went to a couple of open inspections last Saturday to check out some units.

Then Sunday night I had just finished cooking dinner and before I sat down to eat I decided to answer nature's call. As I was walking into the bathroom to wash my hands and just before I got a chance to turn on the light, I discovered my cat was asleep in the doorway. By "discovered" I mean "stepped on". Gave me a hell of a fright, and in trying to get off him in a hurry I must have kind of jumped, and I heard a snap. :(

I immediately assumed the worst, and put the boot back on amid waves of pain. After I recovered a little from shock, I tentatively tried moving the foot, and was surprised to find that I could move it. That and the fact that there was more pain in a different location to what I remembered. In the next few hours I had talked myself into believing that I was wrong and that it was the achilles again and that the last 3 months work had been completely undone. That was a seriously depressing thought.

Fast forward to today and after a painful ultrasound yesterday, I find out that it's not the tendon itself this time, but the musculotendinous junction: that's where the tendon becomes the muscle (or vice versa). The muscle has a 60% tear in it.

It's a good result in that the achilles seems undamaged this time, meaning its healing process should be continuing fine (still 3 more months before it's finished healing), but it's a bad result in that I've got another period of time on the crutches, and possibly in the boot. I say possibly because I haven't seen the specialist yet, so I don't know what the recovery procedure is for this sort of injury. There's no surgery option, so it will be a rest-it-and-wait process, but I don't know if the boot will be needed, and if so what angle it needs to be on etc. All I really know at the moment is that if the foot comes up much at all from where it is (boot is at 22.5 deg again) there is pain. Quite a lot of pain. So as annoying as the boot is at this angle I'm leaving it where it is for now because I figure no pain means things at least aren't getting worse.

That's where things stand for now. I'm not quite back to square one, but for the time being I might as well be. At least the outlook isn't as bleak as I initially thought and hopefully in the next month or two I can be boot-free again.

Edit: Wow, hadn't realised it had been 5 weeks since my last post. The time really flew once the boot came up to zero degrees.

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