Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not so long this time around

I had my visit to the specialist yesterday to see what the plan is with the new injury.

First thing he did was check the damage himself. He was really happy with how the tendon feels, so that's good.

Then he decreased the angle on the boot. He said the angle I had it on (which was erring on the side of caution) was too extreme. If it was at that for too long I would have risked all the muscles shortening even more and having further problems. So it's at 15 degrees now, but I'm to try to go to 7.5 degrees later in the week. The goal is to be at 0 degrees in the next few weeks, and to be out of the boot in a month.

It's feeling quite good now, with just some discomfort when the calf is stretched past where it's happy to go. That's one other thing I have to do in the next few weeks, is give it a stretch every now and then.

So the next month shouldn't be too bad - the current angle is almost manageable, but in a few days it'll be coming up some more. By then I should be almost walking normally on the boot just using a crutch or two for balance.

Overall it's set me back 6 weeks in the boot, then a further 3 months on my total recovery time. So no sports until 6 months from the new injury. I think I can handle that.

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