Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Could this really be it...?

Could I really be free of the boot? Finally? For reals?!

I did a lot of walking without the boot around the house and at work last week, but still wore the boot at all other times. Saturday I ventured out boot-free, though I took it with me in case the leg got tired, or the worst happened. I even had a short drive of my car! 20 weeks to the day since I last drove it. So good to get behind the wheel again :D

The leg went well on the weekend, so I made the decision on Monday to not only go to work without the boot, but to catch public transport. That went as well as I could hope, so I've been completely boot-free since then.

The calf definitely seems bigger. I've been getting Em to take photos every few days, but the photos don't really seem to show the difference that well. The tendon feels really good. The location of the second tear feels good. It's even hard to feel where that tear happened - it was a noticeable lump before, but now it doesn't feel much different to the other leg.

The biggest concern I had initially was actually with my knee, which took a little bit of coaxing before it was happy doing all this work. It's since improved and is bothering me less and less. I just need to get out of the habit of sitting on my foot while at the computer. Since coming out of the boot the old habit has kicked back in and I'm sitting on my foot. Yes, the bad foot. The foot doesn't mind, but the knee has a fair bit to say about it when I stand up. Thankfully I don't seem to do it at work, so I only have to watch myself at home.

I still have over a month left before the 6 months is up since the first injury, so the tendon still has a little bit of healing left. Then it will be another 3 months from that date until the muscle tear is fully healed. So I still can't do anything too active just yet, which sucks because I weighed myself recently and I'm heavier now than I've ever been. :(

I am getting on the exercise bike now and then for some low-impact exercise on the leg, but it's also for the rest of me. I'm hoping in maybe a month I can get back on the treadmill and do some walking, maybe getting on my real bike around then too. Another month after that I might hopefully be able to get back to running again and start over again on trying to get fit.

But no more netball!

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