Monday, February 11, 2008

Update - almost there

My time in the boot looks like it's almost up. The leg is feeling really good. I'm getting around in the boot really well. I'm even going without the boot around the unit a bit (and making sure the cat is nowhere near me!)

But I have one final hurdle to overcome before I really come out of the boot for good. That's this:

The right leg is about half the size of the left. Granted the left is larger than normal at the moment from having such a workout the last 4 months, but the right is still not strong enough to really support my weight.

Flexibility-wise it's better than it's been since the start of all this. But strength-wise it's not as strong as it was last time I was out of the boot. Part of me feels that's what caused the second injury - the calf had to suddenly do a LOT of work and it just wasn't up to it. So my goal in the last week or so left in the boot is to build more strength in the calf. I think in the last 2-3 days of going just a little bit of time out of the boot it's already bigger and stronger than it was. Hopefully another 5 or 6 days makes a difference.

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