Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I can see through time!!!

I bought a jar of Patak's vindaloo paste (hot) a few months back that I've put off cooking while Em was here because she's not trained up on hot foods (yet!)

Tonight I was struggling a little finding something to cook that appealed to me. My eyes settled on the jar and I figured tonight was the night. :)

I had a brief moment of wondering what I was getting myself into when I opened the jar and almost couldn't breathe. I figured it's concentrated stuff, so that's probably to be expected.

After simmering for 45 mins or so the rice was done so I served it out and had the first mouthful...


I think my nose started running that second. I realised right then and there that my curry skills were about to be put to the ultimate test. Not only was I faced with the bowl full in front of me, but a quarter of a jar serves 2 people, and I'd cooked up half a jar's worth! So I have at least 3 more generous servings ahead of me, not including tonight's.

Normally when I cook for myself, I put the leftovers in a couple of containers, and finish it off in the next few days. For instance, last week I cooked a green curry chicken (another of my hot favourites!) and had it for dinner and lunch for the next 2 days straight. Yes, I like green curry chicken that much :D

This, however....

I'm a little scared to have too much of this in too short a time span for fear of what it might do to my digestive system. :/

I guess the good part of this is that the leftovers should last for a while - I can't see anything surviving in that! :)

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Sara said...

C'mon, you big sissy! Eat it all in one sitting! Man up!