Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Photo a day (or so)

I'm trying to get back into my "photo a day" routine that I started (quite) a while back. (You can see past ones over at my photo blog.) I don't know how well I'll stick to this, but I'll try my best to pick up the camera as often as I can and find something to take a photo of. With our new view I'm sure that won't be too hard :)

First up, yesterday's:
Believe it or not, this was shot with the lens on backwards. This has the strange effect of turning a zoom lens into a macro lens, meaning super close up photos. I can actually get closer than this to the subject, but didn't want to get the lens too close to the flame. I'll probably post a few more like this in the coming weeks as I play with this technique.

And now today's:
Nothing too special about this - just a plain old shot of the sunset from the balcony. I missed a great sunset a few days ago, but today wasn't too shabby. Again, I'll likely post more photos like this. I'll try to find different things to shoot, but I'm sure it will be tough to resist.

It's been good to pick up the camera again after neglecting it for the last few months. The achilles really put the brakes on all my photography work as I couldn't get out and about to do it.

Oh, speaking of the achilles, Monday was the 1 year anniversary of the injury. I can't believe how quick the last 6 months have gone compared to the first 6 months!

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