Thursday, July 30, 2009

New timelapse video

A few months back I made a couple of timelapse videos and was quite pleased with the results.

What I wasn't pleased with was the Canon software for the Mac, which crashed around every 2 hours. As such, I recently grabbed a Phottix TR-90 timer remote off eBay. It plugs into the camera's remote port, and has a heap of settings for delay, interval, etc. It arrived yesterday, so on dusk this evening I gave it a try and this was the results:

Each segment is almost 400 shots (the remote can do up to 399, or unlimited), with most at 1 shot per second except the last two, which were every 2 seconds to allow for the longer exposure time. They're all played back at 25fps, with a soundtrack I threw together in GarageBand - that's the first time I've tried that and I'm fairly happy with the results.

I don't think I posted the links to my first few timelapses, so here they are:

Dusk & Night time lapse, Brisbane
14hr Day & Night time lapse, Brisbane
Clouds Time Lapse, April 5 2009

Now that I'm not tethered to the computer for these, I'm hoping to take the camera + tripod + remote out and about to find some interesting subjects - all of these so far have been shot from our balcony.

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