Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Very Lucky

On Sunday, my uncle and his family were coming home from a holiday up the coast with some friends. On the way home, they had a fairly major accident, but thankfully all 3 of them are more or less ok - my uncle has a few fractured vertebrae that they're a little concerned about. It could have been much, much worse, and when looking at the photos, it's hard to see how it wasn't.

They were traveling southbound along the Bruce Highway, each towing their caravans, when my uncle's caravan started to sway. Despite his efforts to get it back under control, the car went into the ditch between the north and southbound lanes, did at least a partial roll, and came to a stop on its side in front of the northbound traffic. Their car was then hit by an oncoming car, with the impact directly on the roof above the front seats.

I'm glad Mum told me they were ok before she described that last bit!

Here's the photos:

Here's all that's left of the caravan:

And here's the newspaper article about it yesterday (click for full-size):

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