Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is how I roll

I had my first game of Dungeons & Dragons today, and it turns out that it's actually pretty fun.

Drew, our Game Master for the day, is an old hand at it - he even met his wife while playing D&D, so it can't be as nerdy as we all picture it to be. :)

To start off with, we picked our characters out pretty much at random - I picked mine based off the big grin he had in the picture. Anyone that happy's gotta be a bit of fun to play, right?

Then the rolling started

This is how I roll

My first few rolls were HORRIBLE. I'm talking 2's and 3's on a d20 (20-sided dice, numbered 1-20). I think in the first encounter I didn't hit a single target. My one saving grace was that my character has excessive amounts of armour. I may not have hit anything, but nothing was able to hit me.

The first encounter

In fact, over the next couple of encounters, my character shrugged off so many hits that when we all started drawing little caricatures of our characters, this is how I drew mine:


He ended up with the nickname "The Mailbox" because so few attacks got through that he might as well have been wearing a big mail box for armour. You can see he's named his long sword "Giselle", and as day turned into night (in real time, not in the game) Giselle started to inflict some very handy damage on a few key targets.

After about 3 encounters - one quite epic - for around 9 hours of playing, we finally came to a bit of a break in the game and called it a day. One of the memorable moments of the day was when this happened:

I'm beached as bro!

The guy in the whale had run away from the encounter to warn a couple of other guys, so he was outside the playing area. We'd written beside him (the table had a plastic cover over it so we could write on) his damage taken: 11. Then Haley drew the circle around him so we wouldn't forget that was his damage. From there, Ash & I added the rest to make him "beached as".

The funniest moment of the day, though, was when we were in the town, and Curt was asking every NPC where the hookers were. After unsuccessfully ending his search for hookers in the tavern, he said "oh well - I'll roll for epic dance moves instead". As it happened, at this exact moment Ash was in the middle of having a drink of beer, and after making some choked sounds and going very red in the face only barely stopped himself from snorting beer out his nose. :D

So in the end it was rather fun. Between the beached guys, the rolling for epic dance moves, characters named "Prof. George Phelps" "Dr Pronto" and "Poochie", and crucifix-wearing mailboxes wielding large swords named Giselle, I have to admit that I am rather looking forward to my next D&D session. :)

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