Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our Christmas present arrived

Our storage unit was installed today. :)

Well, it's not really our Christmas present as such, it just happened to be ready in time for Christmas - we've been meaning to get one since we moved in (can't believe it's been a year and a half already) and finally started the process back in October.

One of the stipulations imposed by body corporate was that the wall behind the unit - which is made of open bricks for air flow - needed shade cloth installed on the outside to prevent anything like possums etc from getting in behind the unit. We've already had one possum crawl into a small space in the garage and then die, leaving behind a not-so-pleasant smell that took a while to locate.

So as the unit was being installed, I attached the shade cloth. I wasn't looking forward to doing this because it was not as easy as it sounds:

Obstacle #1: I had to drill 30+ holes into brick.

Obstacle #2: The shade cloth started over 6 feet off the ground.

Obstacle #3: The ground was on a slope, so the ladder needed a chunk of wood under one leg.

Obstacle #4: There were several trees and other miscellaneous plants in the way.

Obstacle #5: A 6-inch PVC pipe ran along the wall, anchored every 2 meters or so.

The building manager loaned me a few tools for the task, such as a ladder, a hammer drill, a crow bar to lever the pipe off the wall, and some chunks of wood to level the ladder off and hold the pipe away from the wall while I slid the shade cloth under it.

I must have moved the ladder at least a dozen times between the only two places I could fit it amongst the plants. On top of that, I'd say I climbed it several dozen times - I'd set it up at one spot, climb up, realise I forgot the drill, go back for it, get back to the top, then realise the masonry anchors were still at the other end, up too high to reach, meaning I'd have to move the ladder and start over again.

6 hours later, I was finally finished, completely exhausted, drenched with sweat, and feeling a little light headed. I managed to only have one close call with falling off the ladder, and only had one very minor injury when I forgot the hammer was on the ladder - I went to move the ladder and got quite a rude shock when the hammer literally landed on my head. :S

I'm so relieved it's done, but I can barely lift my arms right now. I dread to think what I'll feel like tomorrow :/

Anyway, here's the photos of how it turned out, starting with the storage unit itself.


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Evan said...

I am mega impressed with your effort and the result is great!