Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some shameless affection for my iPad

Em and I recently went on holidays to San Francisco to visit friends, and we took our iPad along with us, given this was one of the reasons we'd bought it. However, I didn't realise just how awesome it would be for this until we were on the flight.

After I exhausted my options on the Qantas in-flight entertainment, I got out the iPad to watch some of the Firefly episodes I'd loaded it up with. I'd already turned off the wifi before the flight, and as the cabin lights had been dimmed I turned the brightness most of the way down before starting on a few episodes.

2 episodes later, I happened to spot the battery percentage just as it dropped to 99%. 90 minutes of video from only 1% of the battery? Seriously?

Even if the battery percentage display was not completely accurate, it's still a mighty impressive figure. Even if the real percentage was as low as 95%, 90 minutes x 20 is still 30 hours.

Unfortunately the iPad outlasted me, and I gave up on watching Firefly at this point in favour of getting some sleep, so I didn't get to see how it went over a longer period.

On the flight back, we watched maybe 3-4 hours of video and played games for at least an hour, and while I don't remember the figure (after more than 13 hours on a plane you don't remember much), I have a feeeling it was around the 80% mark. Even worst case of 70% from 4 hours of video+games would be over 13 hours total. The optimistic end of that (80% after 5 hours) would put it back up at 25 hours.

Combine this with the vast improvement in image quality between the iPad's display and the video screens in economy, and I don't think I'll ever get on a plane without the iPad again. Even the business class flights we had to Tokyo earlier this year could have been improved by having the iPad with us - and those flights were already like something out of a dream!

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