Friday, October 22, 2010

It's just not the same without a unicycle

Walking to work right now I just thought of one of the things I miss about working in the CBD and the daily commute - seeing Unicycle Guy.

Brisbane certainly seems to have changed in the last few years, and it has grown a reasonable collection of interesting people in the process. One of those is Unicycle Guy, who rides along the river front (to work I assume) on a rather large unicycle - in full cycling gear! If that wasn't awesome enough, instead of the usual bicycle bell he had one of those horns with the rubber bit you squeeze to get a real "honk" sound. Gold!

Don't get me wrong, walking to The Valley I certainly see more than my fair share of characters, but there was just something about all that serious cycling gear combined with a unicycle with a clown horn that appealed to me.

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